Wind Strolling

Bruna Schelb CorrĂȘa, Luis BocchinoBrazil - 202004.25 min
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A couple spending quarantine away from each other finds an unusual method of meeting.

Bruna Schelb Correa, graduated in Arts, Journalism and Cinema, Master in Arts and Culture , acts mainly as director and writer. Founder of brazilian production company Filmes do Mato.
Writer and director of feature film Imo (2018) that debuted at the 21st Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, a major brazilian film festival, at their main category, Mostra Aurora. Imo has toured more than thirty national and international festivals, as well as movie clubs.
Writer, director and editor of ten short films that accumulate international and national carrers with more than 15 awards won.

Luis Bocchino acts mainly as director of photography and editor. Graduated in Arts and Cinema, Luis has more than 15 years of experience in the field. Member of the esteemed Brazilian Association of Cinematography (ABC), Luis has directed 3 short films.