Withering Refuge

Pedro Figueiredo NetoZambia - 202017 min
In streaming dalle 8:00 del 23 Agosto alla mezzanotte del 13 Settembre

Withering Refuge is a film-essay that problematises the plight of different populations living in Zambia’s Meheba Refugee Settlement and in its mining surroundings. The piece explores the way in which the spaces of refuge are dramatically withering. Extracting and processing ore while extracting and processing humans and non-humans alike is not a simple metaphor.

Pedro Figueiredo Neto (1984) is a filmmaker and anthropologist, researcher at the Social Sciences Institute, University of Lisbon (ICS-ULisboa). His interests focus on borders, migration, displacement, violence, and
extractivism, mainly in the African context. His work has been showcased in several film festivals and published in international journals. His first feature documentary film YOON, focused on the circular mobility of routiers
between Europe and West Africa, is under post-production.
Filmography (selection): YOON (2021), Withering Refuge (2020), Curupira (2016), Bulwark (2016), Sant’Ana Bikers (2013), Sizígia (2012).